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Eliminate surface-bound and airborne viruses

20 April 2021

AVAILABLE IN the UK from Wilkinson Star, the Viro Tech range of professional ozone/UV sanitising systems can eliminate up to 99.99% of surface-bound and airborne viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens.

These systems offer a high degree of workplace protection and are suitable for use in both large and small offices, call centres, health care settings, retail, hospitality, property services, schools and universities, and sports venues.

There are products to suit all budgets and facilities. All are filterless, offering low maintenance, and they are chemical-free.

They operate with Natural Catalytic Conversion (NCC) and Ozone Generation Technology. NCC is a process that uses UV light to create the same oxidation and ionisation as natural sunlight. 

The Viro Tech Mini can cover up to 279m2 and offers effective cleaning for living spaces, small offices and small shops.

The Viro Tech SO – in three models – offers coverage of up to 800m2 in just 4 hours. This range allows offers an overnight boost control for air purification, covering all those hard to reach places in just 2 hours.

As with any powerful oxidant, disinfectant, disinfectant fogger machine, or bleach, Ozone should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

Most businesses have to rely on cleaning using chemicals in some way to remove bacteria, viruses and odours. Often the process can be expensive and susceptible to misuse of products. It relies on an operator to use the right chemicals for the application. Some cleaners can cause damage or tainting of products. Wilkinson Star says the Viro Tech product can overcome these issues at the flick of a switch.

Viro Tech has CE Approval. The Viro-Tech range has endured vigorous testing to Bureau Veritas accreditation (Industry and Facilities Division)

Inspection sites include global hotel chains, global banking institutes and the training and medical facilities at an Italian Champions League winning Serie A football club. Inspection certification available on request.

For more information, please email  viro@wilkinsonstar.com or visit www.viro-tech.info