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A breath of fresh air: Zehnder presents at the 2020 Safety and Health expo

04 March 2020

As a part of their ongoing fight for clean air in the workplace, Industrial air cleaning experts Zehnder Clean Air Solutions will be discussing the latest innovations from 19th to 21st May.

03rd March 2020, Camberley, UK - Attendees of the 2020 Safety and Health Expo can experience the power of clean air first-hand by visiting industrial air cleaning experts, Zehnder at stand SH1814. The company’s clean air advocates will edify attendees on the negative effects of indoor air pollution and showcase how their air cleaning units make short work of persistent airborne particles like dust. Zehnder will be showcasing its latest innovations at the conference, which will be held at the ExCeL, London from 19th to 21st May.

The risks of outdoor air pollution are well known, but far fewer people are aware of the equally damaging effects of poor indoor air quality. Pollution in indoor work facilities can be several times worse than outdoor air pollution due to the nature of industrial processes, and in relatively confined spaces workers find it difficult to avoid breathing poor quality air.

This is a particularly significant issue for the logistics, automotive, construction, welding and food manufacturing industries, amongst others. Welders, for example, are exposed to both particles (like dust) and toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide, which can result in serious health issues. Some industries that generate high levels of dust also increase their risk of fire due to excesses dust accumulation. Meanwhile, machinery also suffers as fine particles can become embedded and cause parts to malfunction prematurely.

Fortunately, these industries are not without recourse. Modern industrial air cleaning technologies can eliminate dust and other pollutants at their source, before they can interfere with machinery or employee health. Creating a clean workplace with happy employees and increased productivity is easy and affordable if you choose the right solutions. Visit Zehnder’s booth, SH1814, to see some of these units in person and discuss the best clean air solution for your business.

Ben Simons, Zehnder Country Manager for the UK said: “At Zehnder, we don’t take the air we breathe for granted and neither do our clients. They understand that one of the most effective ways to reduce dust in their facilities and provide optimum working conditions is by installing Zehnder’s clean air systems. Considering that the average person spends up to 90 % of their time indoors, it’s critical that indoor air is safe to breathe.”  

Businesses that are looking to decrease costs, improve their image and keep their employees and customers happy with a dust-free workplace can see our solutions in action and talk to our experts at booth SH1814.

In addition to hosting experts at booth SH1814, Zehnder will be holding a speaking session on air quality in the workplace.

About Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions is part of Zehnder Group ─ a Swiss provider of indoor climate solutions. Zehnder Clean Air Solutions provides industrial air cleaning services for thousands of companies around the world. Founded in Sweden, the company has a direct presence in over 15 countries across Europe and the USA. The team comprises 130 people who are all passionate about clean air, improving customers’ working environments and who want to make a positive impact on society.