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Health and Safety Matters Podcast

06 May 2020

HEALTH AND Safety Matters Magazine has launched a new podcast, which will be available every fortnight on a Monday.

The HSM Podcast is sponsored by The Health & Safety Event, which takes place on 22-23 September 2020 at NEC Birmingham.

In this inaugural episode, host Mark Sennett takes a look at the latest news in the UK health and safety sector and is joined by British Safety Industry Federation CEO Alan Murray who explains how the Federation is working with government and its members to ensure suitable and safe PPE is available during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Mark also sits down with JSP Ltd's CEO Mark Johnstone to learn how it is coping with supply chain issues and the main challenges for PPE manufacturers since the Coronavirus outbreak.

You can listen to the HSM Podcast for free on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or Podbean. To download the podcast on Spotify or iTunes all you need to do is enter Health and Safety Matters into the platform's search box.

Alternatively you can listen to the podcast online at https://hsmpodcast.podbean.com/ or watch it on YouTube by clicking HERE https://youtu.be/IAn1GJaD9FU