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Workers made to work weekends

30 August 2018

GMB UK mail drivers have been told ‘work Saturdays or work elsewhere’. This new attack on terms and conditions will have a major impact on work-life balance and childcare says the union.

GMB, the union for UK Mail drivers, has said this is yet another attack to members’ terms and conditions for drivers employed at the company’s site in Gildersome, near Leeds.

Not only are these overworked drivers losing a day off they are also being told that their parcel drop rates are being reduced from £5 to £1.50 per drop, leaving many drivers regularly working 12 hour days without a break.  

GMB union is organising at the Gildersome depot and the number of drivers joining the union is increasing on the back of the outrageous demands that are being put on them.

Many are claim they now earn less than the minimum wage and one driver calculating his rate to be less than £5.00 an hour.

UK Mail is part of the DHL giant which is one of the UK’s leading postal services.

GMB organiser Andrew Aldwinkle said, “These workers are victims of bogus self-employment.  They are at the mercy of DHL and do not work for anyone else.”

“To force these workers into working Saturdays after working at least a 60 hour week is a scandal.  

“DHL prides itself on being a fair employer but our members’ experience is the opposite.”

“GMB is calling on DHL to do the right thing and treat these drivers with respect and dignity, which includes no less than the minimum wage, paid holidays, proper rest breaks and reasonable working hours and an end to bogus self-employment.”

“Union officials in GMB’s Yorkshire and North Derbyshire region have recently met with representatives from the company’s European Works Council who promised to raise a number of issues on behalf of GMB members, but to date there has been no response to our requests for feedback.”

“In the meantime, GMB is committed to supporting members who face daily abuse from an employer who is systematically eroding hard fought for workers’ rights by using bogus self-employment.”