Visual tagging solutions

23 May 2019

To avoid the accidents on construction sites that result from unfit equipment, Brady proposes a customisable tag with holder and insert that can help increase legal compliance, workplace safety and inspection efficiency.

Brady's visual tagging solutions are designed to help users:

  • Comply with equipment safety regulations: share inspection results on removable inserts at the point of use on the equipment itself so that users see when it was last inspected. Inserts can be collected for inspection record keeping as required in EU Directive 2009/104/EC.
  • Avoid workplace accidents and delays: communicate on the equipment itself when it was last inspected or show a clear 'Do not use' message when it fails inspection.
  • Achieve highly efficient equipment inspections: digital equipment inspection management with the Safetrak software and step by step, dedicated equipment inspection flows that start after scanning a QR code on the tag with a smartphone, automatically generate equipment inspection reports

The Visual Tagging guide book offers a tool to support best practice equipment inspections, equipment status communication and compliance with equipment related legislation. To download the free guide, visit:

Brady will be at this year's Safety & health Expo. Stand 1620