TUC wants government to get a grip on safety

23 September 2020

RESPONDING TO the Prime Minister’s latest announcement on new coronavirus restrictions, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady wants the government to get a grip on safety.

Frances O'Grady said, “With infections rising, the government must get a grip on test and trace and safety at work. Workers are still telling us that employers are not enforcing social distancing or providing PPE to keep them safe. 

“Ministers must make it a legal requirement for companies to publish their risk assessments. If we don’t deal with the public health crisis, we won’t be able to deal with the economic one.”

Highlighting the need for jobs support to continue, he added: “It’s clear that this pandemic will not be over by Christmas – so neither should state support for jobs. 

“The PM says he will put his arms around the workforce. Let’s see him prove it. 

“Warm words will not pay the bills or save livelihoods. The government must come forward with a new jobs protection and training deal that support short-time working to stop the disaster of mass unemployment. 

“Ministers cannot watch from the side lines as good jobs go to the wall.”