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SoloProtect and Almas Industries announce partnership

27 October 2021

INTERNATIONAL PERSONAL safety solution provider, SoloProtect, has announced a new strategic partnership with Almas Industries, a leading European supplier of full-service security solutions, for businesses.

The two companies are initially working together to provide life-critical support to members of the public accessing Almas supplied defibrillators, in the event of them witnessing a medical emergency.

The partnership sees SoloProtect providing monitoring support for hundreds of Almas-supplied, DOC defibrillators, which are deployed across the community by a range of customer organisations around the UK. With end user customers in Retail, Local Government, Social Housing and a raft of private sector organisations – Almas delivers a connected defibrillator service to link anyone immediately faced with supporting an individual suffering Cardiac Arrest, until the arrival of the Emergency Services.

SoloProtect remain lone worker specialists but are also developing strategic monitoring partnerships to increase business-synergies and widen the scope of the monitoring services customers can access. Monitoring close to 50,000 service users on a daily basis, they supply industry-leading alarm monitoring to lone workers across all industries and remain a leading player in the lone worker sector, with close to twenty years’ experience.

Almas industries delivers security as a service to the SME market; enhancing the protection of employees, premises and property in thousands of businesses across Europe. An early promoter of biometric technology in the commercial arena over 16 years ago, with over 25,000 products installed, Almas is currently developing integrations with industry leading software providers to meet our customers’ requirements to not only improve security but also save time and improve productivity.

Supporting Almas-provided DOC; the Connected Defibrillator. As an individual begins the process of moving the defibrillator to a casualty, DOC will connect the user to an Operator in the SoloProtect Monitoring Centre. The operator will then support the member of the public by contacting the emergency services and support the user in locating the casualty as needed. Once confirmed as located, and with the casualty is ready to receive treatment, DOC will conclude the monitoring link and switch to its in-built auto guidance. Taking the user through the process of supporting the injured person – enabling life-critical support to be given, whilst the emergency services are en route to support the casualty upon arrival.

SoloProtect’s UK-based, Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), is a state of the art monitoring facility and was the first lone-worker dedicated, UK monitoring centre to achieve EN 50518 (European Alarm Standard) accreditation in 2015. It’s an extremely robust infrastructure designed to facilitate market-leading services, with highly efficient systems and dual redundancy systems architecture to maximise efficiencies and ensure an uninterrupted service.

The company implemented an international personal safety monitoring infrastructure in 2015, allowing them to deliver alarm support to lone workers in nine different countries, including a 24/7 service and direct communication and dispatch to emergency personnel, depending on the severity of the situation involved.

John Feather, Vice President Monitoring & Strategic Partnerships, SoloProtect, commented: “This new partnership with Almas Industries allows SoloProtect to effectively expand our monitoring capabilities whilst offering Almas Industries customers a reliable service and support for defibrillator devices supporting a life-critical event. We’re delighted to be working in partnership with them, and we look forward to it developing further in the future.”

Nick Burke, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Almas Industries, commented: “After we had finished our due diligence we had total confidence in SoloProtect’s ability in providing the life critical monitoring services, and meeting all the stringent SLA’s of our DOC defibrillator product.

We’re looking forward to unlocking the added value that our partnership brings, there’s a natural fit and synergy as we’re both focused on protecting and securing people and their workplace in the community.”

For more information about lone worker protection or strategic partnerships with SoloProtect, contact info@soloprotect.com, or visit www.almas-industries.com/ for further information on business security solutions from Almas Industries.