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Style, comfort and performance

16 October 2023

UVEX HAS launched an innovative trainer that combines strong PPE functionality with the fit, comfort and style of leisure footwear.

The uvex 1 trainer has been created for workers who spend all day on their feet and want safety footwear that offers high levels of comfort and support without sacrificing style. 

Standing for long periods has been shown to increase the risk of varicose veins, bunions, plantar fasciitis, high blood pressure and poor circulation. Working on hard surfaces can also generate shock with every step, putting extra strain on the feet, ankles and calf muscles and potentially leading to discomfort in the feet, legs, hips, back, neck and shoulders. 

Footwear that provides comfort, support, cushioning, breathability and is light on the feet is therefore vital to protect against ailments throughout the body.

The uvex 1 trainer has been designed to offer a solution that ticks every box. It provides support, anti-fatigue shock absorption, and high levels of slip-resistance, with breathable, flexible, ultra-lightweight materials. The trainer’s sleek design has also been inspired by high-street fashion to help encourage maximum PPE compliance.

Clair Weston, head of marketing at uvex, said: “We often forget that looking after our feet can prevent difficulties throughout the body. The uvex 1 trainer provides excellent comfort and protection for those working on hard surfaces in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, automotive and airport environments. It’s also a good-looking shoe that can transition between work and leisure so helps to increase compliance and improve wearer wellbeing.”

Premier protection 

The uvex 1 trainer’s non-metallic construction allows for the natural, flexible movement of the foot. Extra protection is afforded by a metal-free toe cap that is anatomically shaped to promote a biologically normal structure and function which offers good lateral stability and no thermal conductivity. The scuff cap also helps protect the upper material for longer-lasting wear. 

Furthermore, the trainer features a metal-free, highly flexible, penetration-resistant midsole, and meets the ESD specification with volume resistance under 35 megaohms. Made from synthetic materials, the uvex 1 trainer is suitable for people allergic to chrome. 

Built for comfort 

The virtually seamless design eliminates pressure points for all-day comfort, while the soft textile upper delivers high-level breathability. A mesh lining allows feet to breathe while the soft-padded tongue and collar increase comfort. 

Its removable comfort insole has antistatic properties and provides moisture control and enhanced shock absorption. The insole is also made of 73 percent recycled polyurethane with no impact on performance. The uvex 1 trainer’s dual-density PU anti-fatigue, flexible sole has been developed to provide optimal slip-resistance, exceptional shock absorption in the heel and forefoot, and arch support. 

User-friendly fashion 

Available in black or blue, the uvex 1 trainer also offers user-friendly features including elastic ‘speed’ laces that allow the shoes to be individually and quickly adjusted, slipped on or off as well as a pull tab that offers an easy on-off fit. A reflective element on the logo and pull tab, meanwhile, enhances wearers’ visibility to others. 

For more information about the new uvex 1 trainer, visit: www.uvex-safety.co.uk