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Safety lock solution from SICK

22 March 2020

SICK has combined its MB1 mechanical safety bolt for enclosed hazard areas with its advanced TR110 non-contact safety lock to deliver a high-performance PLe (EN ISO 13849) safety solution with maximum machine availability.

With IP67 or IP69K rating, the SICK MB1 and TR110 together deliver a robust electro-mechanical door locking and monitoring package for the highest level of personnel protection in machinery and integration into advanced, factory-wide safety systems. 

Together the SICK MB1 and TR110 are easy to fit and reliable in operation, offering built-in safe release for engineers working within a hazard area, safe options open or shut locking, and actuator coding to protect against unwanted manipulation.

Their rugged design ensures high mechanical security against physical stress in use, with high tolerance to door offset/misalignment and consistent protection, even on strongly vibrating machinery.

“With market-leading high-end safety performance in both mechanical bolt and actuator-operated contactless safety locks, SICK saw the opportunity to combine the two as the one-stop best of the best,” says SICK safety specialist, Dr Martin Kidman. “The SICK MB1 and TR110 offer an unmatched combination of strength, functionality, mechanical and personnel safety features in one product.

The SICK MB1/TR110 combination provides the highest level of safety for door and locking monitoring to PLe (EN ISO 13849) with just one device. The TR110 has a locking force up to 3,900 N with a rugged metal locking device for mechanical security and a high coding level for the actuator, to deliver EN ISO 14119 manipulation protection without additional measures.

SICK TR110 options include power to lock or power to release options, and an optional escape release for where the hazard area is not completely visible from the outside, thus enabling safe escape for maintenance staff. The enclosure rating is available to either IP67 or IP69K enabling safety in the toughest of conditions, including wash-down. Mounting the SICK MB1 and TR110 is easy with three actuation directions and they can easily be mounted on right- or left-hand door openings.

The SICK MB1 and TR110 offer a horizontal frame tolerance of up to 27mm, and compensates for vertical offsets of ±7mm, for excellent accommodation of movement in installation, use and maintenance/refurbishment work. The mechanical catch release button on the bolt and emergency release from inside are easy and comfortable to operate, and can be padlock protected.

The SICK MB1 and TR110 offer three possible connection variants, from a standalone M12 8 pin connection, Flexi Loop ready connectors (for use with SICK’s proprietary Flexi Loop cable-saving safety device connection system), to a cascadable M12 5 pin/8 pin model. Additional application diagnostic outputs are available to simplify diagnostics in a factory-net based safety system.