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Roadshow complements wellness programmes

05 December 2022

SAFETY ROCKS took its Health Rocks Roadshow to Whirlpool in early November. Health Rocks Roadshows are a fun, informal way for companies to help and encourage employees to improve their overall health.

Safety Rocks says it does not do boring lectures, instead creating bespoke, interactive days that perfectly meshes with an organisation’s wellbeing objectives. 

At the Health Rocks roadshows, Safety Rocks offers every one of the employees the chance to have their blood pressure checked, get weighed, have a chat with a personal trainer and create their own personalised folder containing the tools they need to improve their overall health. Team members benefit, and so does the organisation.

People want to work for companies that care about health and wellbeing and actively support and promote ways to boost overall health. A Health Rocks Roadshow adds huge value to an existing wellbeing programme. 

As winter is here, the company is also helping employees make better nutritional decisions. The specialist Nutrition Bites team from Safety Rocks helps employees to navigate often-confusing guidelines on healthy eating. They present easy-to-understand information and sensible advice about eating well. They’ve also made a short video about winter wellness, which contains super-simple tips to fuel the body as the days get shorter and colder. 

From eating more protein to adding spice to your meals, have a look at some really small, easy changes you can make to make sure you eat well this winter. You can watch the video at https://tinyurl.com/vvjnen9z