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RoSPA focus on driving for work

03 October 2018

ROSPA’S ANNUAL occupational safety and health campaign, #OSHtober, will this year focus on one of the most dangerous areas of everyday working life – driving for work.

Millions of vehicles are used for work every day – from lorries to bicycles. Driving for work contributes to far more work-related accidental deaths and serious injuries than all other work activities.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving for work.

Launching today, #OSHtober will provide tips, facts, statistics and free resources about safely driving for work throughout the month. 

To get involved with the campaign, you can sign up to RoSPA’s health and safety newsletter - Safety Matters– keep up with the Workplace Safety blog, share our infographics, and enter our Twitter competitions – just follow  @RoSPAWorkplace for updates.

Occupational safety and health policy adviser Dr Karen McDonnell said, “As someone who drives for work, and very often in my personal life, I recognise that driving is one of the most dangerous activities I participate in.

“Just like within the office or on the factory floor, organisations have a duty to keep their workers safe on the road, yet a huge number of incidents still happen while someone is driving for their job.”

For more information on #OSHtober, see www.rospa.com/oshtober, our Workplace Safety blog, and @RoSPAWorkplace on Twitter.