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Remote management of fire events

03 August 2018

Kentec, a leading manufacturer of life-critical control systems, has launched Vizulinx, a sophisticated yet easy to use fire alarm management solution to enable building managers and service providers to monitor and control fire systems remotely.

Highly configurable using an embedded web server and simple configuration wizard, Vizulinx can pass fire system events via e-mail, SMS, Modbus and BACnet message format using a standard IP connection. Event notifications are triggered and processed immediately, and for email or a mobile phone message, can be routed to any number of recipients based on the event types including fire, pre-alarm, fault, disable, in test, technical alarm and security.

Kevin Swann, MD of Kentec, says that the speed of communication is especially useful: “Since all events are sent immediately, users can reduce the number of false alarms by investigating the cause of the alarm before it is escalated, preventing any unnecessary (and potentially disruptive) evacuation. Vizulinx is particularly suited to managers of multiple sites, making their portfolio of properties easier and less time consuming to manage by delivering any fire alarm activity through a single platform.”

Modbus and BACnet connectivity allows a simple, low-cost integration into building management systems (BMS). The ability to monitor equipment via 16 switched inputs with customised messages allows support for conventional fire and extinguishing systems in addition to the serial RS232 interface for the Syncro networked systems.