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Partnership to develop future safety technologies

02 May 2022

Draeger Safety UK is partnering with MRS Training and Rescue, one of the UK’s experts in confined space safety, to support in the development of new safety technologies and equipment to meet industry’s current and future needs.

The partnership will see Draeger and MRS come together in a collaborative approach to better support industry in keeping people safe at work.

Stuart Hoult, MRS CEO, says the idea was borne out of a chance conversation that realised that both organisations shared a common purpose of keeping people safe: “Dräger has always been at the forefront of technology and product development. Our expertise is in the application of these products and how they can be best used in an operational environment. By working together, we can offer a total solution for industry and ensure we remain true to our purpose of keeping people safe,” he says. “Dräger’s breathing apparatus equipment is a leader in its field, and the equipment we choose to use.”  

Liz Millward, marketing manager, emergency and rescue services at Draeger Safety UK, says the two businesses’ values are closely aligned: “MRS only works with businesses that prioritise safety – a critical standpoint when working in such high-risk industries. We believe the partnership is an ideal combination of expertise and will benefit both parties greatly, as well as the wider industry.”

The partnership is being developed using a phased approach, beginning with the purchase of 75 new Dräger PSS AirBoss Active Self-contained breathing apparatus and 80 of the new Type 4 unlimited life cylinders by MRS, ensuring the equipment used represents the latest technology.

Future phases of the partnership will also see the creation of a pathway to better support industry in developing and implementing cohesive, cross-industry solutions-led rescue arrangements.

MRS Training and Rescue was originally founded more than a century ago to deliver highly-specialist safety training and rescue services to the British mining industry. The company now utilises its experience to provide specialist rescue services, consultancy and training across multiple high-risk industries including offshore oil and gas, petrochemical, nuclear, utilities and aerospace.

MRS employs approximately 160 rescue operatives, of which 120 are also competent trainers who use their experience of working in hazardous and high-risk environments, to support realistic training in a practical environment. In 2021 training has been provided to more than 25,000 delegates from its eight sites across the UK.

For more information, visit www.draeger.com