Nurses trial GPS safety app

15 January 2019

TO PROMOTE the safety of its community workers, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CFT) is trialling various safety devices. These include fobs and mobile applications (apps) linked to intercom services which send an alert to teams in cases of an emergency.

Recently, the Trust has signed up to a three month pilot of a mobile Global Positioning System (GPS) app which is already showing great results.

The GPS app gives community workers a range of features that aim to act as preventative measures. By using a GPS app on their existing mobile phone, nurses are able to “check in” when visiting service users in the community, eliminating the need for a buddy system and reducing administration support. If the staff member fails to check in, the app will raise an alert.

If a community worker feels that they are in an emergency situation, or feels threatened or that a risky situation may arise, the app will activate an alarm which triggers the response centre to act. This then identifies the community workers exact location and immediately summons help. Staff can also be heard and talk via the two way communication link to provide further information or evidence during an emergency situation.

Head of security at CFT Tracey Rogers commented, “protecting our staff when they are lone working is a priority for our organisation and by being able to apply a number of technological products, this could add an additional level of protection to the existing procedures.

“Already the app is providing immeasurable benefit, including improved staff morale and operational effectiveness.”