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No Falls Foundation urges safety

01 September 2020

AS PEOPLE return to work, the No Falls Foundation - the UK charity dedicated to working at height - is urging workers to 'Be Safe, Don't Fall, Stay Alive!' The charity is keen to ensure that height safety remains a priority despite the understandable pressures to kick-start the economy.

Figures published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for 2019/20, show that in the 12 months ending March 2020, 29 people died from a fall from height - on average, one person every 13 days. 

The Foundation has three objectives: raising awareness of the risks associated with working at height; researching the causes of falls; and providing advice and support to those affected by a fall. 

The charity has also published the first issue of its e-newsletter Saving Lives for anyone involved - directly or indirectly - in the work at height sector. It invites anyone who has suffered a fall and experienced its consequences to share their personal story in a series of case studies on the Foundation's website. 

The website also includes an information resource hub and a section on how to get involved with the work of the Foundation which is actively supported and championed by the Access Industry Forum (AIF), the forum for the principal trade associations and federations involved in work at height. 

www.nofallsfoundation.org for more information.