Martindale offers flexible solutions

09 May 2019

With the new range of CABLOK hasps for safe maintenance, it’s now even easier to lock off multiple breakers, switches and valves and provide protection when there are several people working on the same system.

Cable Lock Out Choices from 1m to 5m

Suitable for both the electrical and industrial market, the new ergonomically designed CABLOK Series is available with 1m, 3m and 5m cable lengths and is compatible with all Martindale padlocks.

They provide installers and maintenance teams with a simple and reliable solution for locking off multiple breakers, switches and valves, to prevent the re-energising of circuits and systems during maintenance as part of a safe isolation procedure.

The latest range of adjustable cable lockouts feature a simple to thread, flexible, PVC-insulated steel cable that can be easily adjusted to suit the required length before locking off with a simple squeeze action.

Hasp Design Accommodates Multiple Padlocks

Incorporating a built-in safety hasp, and with space for up to six padlocks to be securely fixed, CABLOKs enable multiple operatives to safely work on the same system at the same time. The CABLOK cannot be removed until all padlocks have been released, this stops the system from being re-energised until all operatives are no longer working on it.

Cable loop length can be easily adjusted and locked in place through a simple squeeze action of the grip prior to securing with a PAD10 padlock.

Available individually and in complete safe isolation kits

The new range of adjustable cable lockouts make it easy to ensure all types of circuits can be de-energised and properly isolated prior to maintenance of plant and equipment, preventing potentially fatal accidents and enabling compliance with HSG85 Electricity at Work Regulations.

CABLOK1BL, CABLOK3BL and CABLOK5BL are available to purchase separately or as part of a complete safe isolation kit such as the VIPDLOKPR150 which includes everything needed to implement the correct procedures wherever you are working.

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