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Proving units verify safety and calibration in one

14 October 2019

The latest PDS and PDSX Series of proving units from Martindale Electric are smaller, lighter and have new options for calibration checking test equipment.

The new PDSX proving units enable contractors and maintenance teams to safely and simply prove the operation of voltage indicators, two pole testers and test lamps plus common 18th Edition tester functions.

The PDSX Series includes an additional CALCHECK feature for verifying the calibration consistency of multifunction installation testers providing confidence in the performance of all essential test equipment before and after measurement.

CALCHECK makes it easy to verify the insulation and low resistance ranges on 18th testers on-site, making it suitable for identifying potential calibration issues with test equipment prior to certifying a new wiring installation or carrying out a condition report. This is a valuable procedure recognised by electrical contractor assessment bodies to ensure reliable results and avoid unnecessary and expensive retests.

Safe electrical working requires the use of a voltage indicator that has been proven with a suitable proving device before and after use to ensure the instrument is working correctly in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations. Having de-energised and locked off a circuit prior to maintenance, it’s essential to prove your tester before and after you’ve proved the circuit to be dead in accordance with safe isolation procedures. The easiest and safest solution is to use a proving unit matched to the voltage indicator which can supply the full voltage range of the tester wherever you are working. 

Fast and easy to use, immediately supplying the full test voltage on contact, Martindale’s new proving units are suitable for proving two pole voltage indicators, and test lamps with voltage measurement ranges up to 440V and 690V. Featuring all the benefits of the industry standard Martindale PD440 and PD690, the new PDS and SX series of proving units come in a durable over moulded, low profile case, and include an MG3 detachable magnetic hanger, which enables the unit to be positioned securely nearby, ideal where space is limited or access difficult.

For simplicity the S Series have a single voltage output while the SX Series output voltages are stepped with individual LED indicators for each voltage level from 50V to 690V. The voltage levels are matched to common two pole tester thresholds, suitable for identifying potential voltage tester calibration issues. 

For added ease of use, the new units are also colour-coded so that the voltage output can easily be identified and matched to Martindale voltage indicators and test lamps which share the same colour-coding.

Complete with alkaline batteries and a carry case, the latest ranges are supplied with a two-year guarantee.

Martindale Electric offers a comprehensive range of portable appliance testers, voltage testers, proving units and locking off devices to ensure compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations for the safe maintenance of plant and equipment and the safe operation of electrical appliances.