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Emergency call system

14 March 2022

THE LRS emergency call system is used throughout the UK and Southern Ireland by many large well-known companies. But now, using a new technology system that can capture messaging from emergency call points for on-screen management. Long Range Systems will be on stand 4/N21.

The system can also collate reports and other data for later analysis of critical events. In an emergency instant messaging is transmitted to emergency teams for attendance to any event. Importantly, the first team member can assess the situation and ‘stand down’ other team members if the event is not critical. The whole solution gives complete flexibility at the setting up stage and most customers systems result in one of the most price competitive solutions available in the emergency messaging sector today.

The emergency call system can operate over large on-site areas with the use of optional signal boost range extenders that in open air can achieve up to a two-mile range in the right conditions.

Long Range Systems UK Ltd supplies and supports paging equipment throughout the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland and Iceland. Following the development of its LRS emergency call system with reporting, this system is now available for most sectors of business including logistics and warehousing in a different operating mode.