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Effective communication solutions

19 October 2020

LONG RANGE Systems UK offers specialised, reliable and effective communication solutions for the health & safety industry.

Good communication is essential for efficiency in modern business – and where health and safety are concerned its critical. Since 1989 we have been supplying the UK with beneficial staff, customer and first aid paging equipment to all industries. 

Our first aid call buttons include the Pronto & Butler XP; these call buttons allow someone to call for help immediately; the first aiders receive a message on our 4-line alpha pagers so they can respond immediately to the incident. With swipe technology the first aider that arrives on scene can cancel the message to let others know it has been dealt with. The perfect tool to save lives. The butler XP can also be used to contact fire marshals to attend to fire hazards.

New digital technologies offer a multitude of features that can monitor lone workers and notify others when there is a man down situation – critical for fast emergency first aid situations. Safety features include Alarm Panel Monitoring this connects to an alarm panel to provide instant alarm notifications which is fully programmable for protection of the user, lone worker monitoring that integrates with 2-way radios and our RSU1 that can be set to automatically telephone and notify off-site staff in the event of an emergency, after hours reception monitoring and many more. 

Monitor everything with our new system now available; our Ven-u Sensors are a low cost, unified solution to productively monitor equipment and processes, comply with regulations, and enhance business performance. Ven-u includes a comprehensive line of matchbox sized, wireless sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, motion, vibration, water detection, door open or close, power and others. The multiplicity of sensors available ensures that whatever you need to monitor then we will have a solution to meet your exact needs. 

Lastly, our new “CaptureCall” system can collect important data from messaging with the call button system as a report; but also, CaptureCall can integrate into systems for many other solutions. Capture call is modular & includes a stand-alone processing and interface appliance, loaded with one or many software modules. Integration into your paging system. A compatible receiver transmitter is required to take an advantage of the solution. Get full details of all your pager system messages that are automatically time stamped and logged to the internal data base. Some of the features available with CaptureCall include Fire Alarm notifications, Intruder Alarm notifications, two-way paging, reporting and more.