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JSP's interactive DigiHUB brings PPE to life

02 November 2022

THE DIGIHUB is an exciting, innovative platform from JSP that allows you to safely explore, learn and share the core range of JSP products with your customers and supply them with all the technical information they need to select JSP with confidence as their trusted PPE provider.

Products can be selected by name, range and standard, or by industry and task using the interactive “3D-landscape”. Simply click on the product to see the three-dimensional rotating image of the product showing a short description of the product and its key features alongside the JSP product code. View the list of product specifications, certificates of conformity and understand the standard the product conforms to with useful ‘How to Fit’ videos and frequently asked questions. Learn which accessories will fit and which product are compatible with each other to offer the right solution to suit your safety requirements.

Generate the product’s Technical Specification with the click of a button. All data can then be e mailed as a record of selection. Branding of Logos available in the Head and Ear Protection sections. 

JSP DigiHUB brings JSP PPE to life complete with the knowledge you need at the touch of a button, available on touchscreen, computer, tablet and mobile both on and offline.

Register at www.jspdigihub.com/#/screensaver