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Implementing social distancing signs

22 April 2020

Spectrum Industrial installs Social Distancing Signage Program at Trotters Hardware.

As hardware stores were featured on the government list of retail outlets essential to stay open and social distancing quickly becoming top of everyone’s mind.

Trotters wanted to make sure they were protecting their customers and staff as best they could during the coronavirus pandemic.

Working closely with Centurion for many years, Trotters approached Spectrum Industrial knowing their expertise in safety signage could help them with putting a signage program in place in their stores.

On visiting the retailer, they had already placed tape markers on the floor. This was a great start and showed intentions towards best practice, but this make shift approach was not right, nor would it have lasted long. Using incorrect tape could end up creating both slip or trip hazards.

They had also placed a dot next to the counter which was too far away, meaning that when the customer stood on the dot to be served they could not reach the counter to pay. As we started to review the store we identified other issues such as racking / displays in the way creating narrow walk ways and lots of POS at the entrance causing bottlenecks.

The solution

Just putting a few signs on the floor to keep people two metres apart is not enough. The most important thing before starting to implement a way finding signage scheme is an assessment / audit of the premises as some re-design may be required.

Starting at the counter area, we looked at the space as there were multiple serving staff at the counter at any one time.

We advised to move the till points to ensure the staff were two metres apart. Following this we then measured from the cashier to the customer side of the counter and placed a ‘Please stand here’ floor marker, with a second floor marker 2m from the first which said ‘Please wait here’. We then continued with a further 4 floor markers saying ‘Please keep 2m apart’ so that this started to form an orderly queue.

While placing the floor markers, we relocated mobile displays and racking which would have restricted movement. The shop operated a one way _ow which is great for social distancing, however they had a problem with bottlenecks at the entrance of the shop, not good for social distancing. We understand that to a shop this is prime retail space, but it is important for social distancing that traffic keeps flowing. We advised to relocate and remove these displays and placed our audible social distance stand, which informs the customer as soon as they walk in, to stay socially safe, as well as adding a chevron floor sign system to show the customer which way the shop flows whilst encouraging the two metre distancing.

The result

A spokesperson from Spectrum Industrial said: “Trotters were delighted with the installation service. Using our expertise ensured they could have a social distancing program in place that would grab attention, educate their shoppers and provide them with clear guidance to help keep both shoppers and staff stay as safe as possible”.

For more information, visit www.spectrum-industrial.co.uk