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Healthy Performance launches online DSE self-assessment

19 April 2021

EMPLOYEE HEALTH and wellbeing specialists, Healthy Performance, provide an array of services to UK and global organisations such as onsite health assessments, online mental health platforms and online lifestyle assessments.

Soon to be added to its impressive wellbeing portfolio is an online DSE self-assessment - HealthyWorkstation - that enables employees to complete an assessment at home and at work supported by top tips and advice to improve working conditions. Additionally, it provides organisations with the ability to identify increased risk and hotspots along with reporting those who need additional support, wherever they are in the world. 

DSE assessments are a legal requirement as part of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations and employers have a duty of care to provide employees with a workstation assessment. This is applicable to anyone using DSE equipment for an hour or more at a time and covers workers who work from a fixed workstation, mobile workers, hot desking, and home workers. 

In 2020, musculoskeletal conditions contributed to 8.9 million days being lost at work, with the Health and Safety Executive reporting that on average, each person suffering from work-related aches and pains took around 18.4 days off work. Behind only mental health conditions, musculoskeletal disorders continue to be one of the main causes of work-related illness accounting for 30% of all new and long-standing work-related ill health.

Office and desk-based work continues to be a contributing factor to the onset of employees aches and pains and a study by Bupa found that 70% of people currently working from home say they are experiencing more aches and pains since this transition during the Covid-19 pandemic. With up to half the UK workforce still working from home, this is a significant increased risk compared to previous years.

As a result, Healthy Performance committed to designing a new online tool, fit for 2021 that addresses not only traditional risk assessments, but empowers the employee to reflect on the work practices and habits during both working and non-working hours.

The online self-assessment has been developed with modern working habits in mind. Existing assessments continue to assess an individual’s traditional office set-up including seating, desks, lighting and temperature and whilst the new product also assesses these components, additionally it considers the home environment. Employers can incorporate referral pathways for HR, health and safety, physiotherapy, occupational health, eye care providers and others into their employee reports ensuring all existing pathways are in promoted with the tool. 

Wayne Campbell, CEO and founder of Healthy Performance says, “We recognise that employees are never going to get excited about completing a workstation assessment. Healthy Performance are wellbeing innovators and we wanted to try and make the employee experience fun, engaging and easy to use, and we did it. We think we’ve achieved this by adding some freshness and personality to the tool and giving employees valuable advice within their reports”. 

Wayne adds, “Using our clinical team’s experience, we have developed a simple company dashboard identifying anyone at risk or those who require a referral into their HR team, health and safety team, occupational health or physio provider. In the normal Healthy Performance way, we’ve made the company reporting data really engaging to help HR managers, health & safety officers or wellbeing managers manage their health and safety responsibilities, wherever employees are in the world”. 

Upon completion of the assessment employees can also access support and advice materials on setting up their workstation, hydration, taking regular breaks and much more to ensure that they have a healthy space to work.

HealthyWorkstation is launching in April and more information is available by contacting Healthy Performance on 0800 170 1777.

For more information, visit www.healthyperformance.co.uk