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Gloves to tackle waste sector incidents

20 September 2018

PPE supplier PK Safety are looking to dramatically reduce reversing incidents and accidents in the waste collection and transfer sectors with the launch of their Stop’N’Go range of handling gloves.

Designed for use by banksmen and reversing assistants, the gloves are coloured red and green on the palm and back of the hand respectively to align with the hand signals suggested by the HSE for communicating with reversing vehicles. The range has been designed with the collaboration of SUEZ R&R Ltd and has been created with the aim of providing a simple and convenient solution to improving reversing operations both on-site and whilst undertaking collection rounds.

PK Safety are a supplier of protective equipment and workwear to a wide range of local authorities, waste collectors and waste processors.  

Bevan Wells, director of PK Safety, said: “The launch of the Stop’N’Go range of safety gloves is a perfect example of what we offer our clients. Close collaboration and expertly tailored products to both their industries and daily tasks”. 

They currently supply clients like Suez R&R Ltd, Cardiff Council and Cory Environmental and are hoping that their latest move with the Stop’N’Go safety glove range will help both their existing clients and also be used throughout the waste sector.

This product innovation was created with the specific aim of tackling the high number of reversing accidents and associated fatalities in the waste industry. 

“With the largest cause for fatalities being ‘struck by a moving vehicle’ and a quarter of these deaths occurring whilst reversing it seemed a primary area of concern that we could do relatively little about as a protective equipment supplier, and that’s what we wanted to change,” Obe Nunn, technical advisor at PK Safety, said. 

The safety gloves have been designed to offer what PK Safety call a “convenient switch” for waste companies. They are currently available in a textured rubber coating called Cratex (crinkle latex) which offers users improved grip and water resistance on the job, features that PK Safety have identified as critical for carrying out basic collection and processing tasks in the recycling sector.  Available in 2 different cut levels and 2 levels of coating the safety gloves cater for a wide range of scenarios and alternative tasks.