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Dräger launches hands-free thermal imaging camera to further improve firefighter safety

11 September 2023

THE UCF FireCore – a new hands-free thermal imaging camera – has been introduced by Dräger. The camera displays live action imagery within the Dräger FPS 7000 full face mask.

The UCF FireCore affords firefighters continuous vision in the low-visibility, high-risk and unfamiliar environments that emergency situations often present. Certified to IP67, the UCF FireCore is resistant to water and dust and contains lithium-ion batteries for longer operational durations. The batteries can be charged at the fire station and/or inside the fire vehicle prior to deployment.

The cameras can be fitted to any model, shape or size of helmet through a simple bracket and are fully detachable, allowing firefighters to extend their vision in difficult-to-reach areas and around corners, thereby enhancing situational awareness and allowing firefighters to spot risks.

When mounted, the viewing angle of these cameras can be fully adjusted, providing firefighters with the flexibility to adapt to emergency situations in a matter of seconds.

Near Field Communication technology enables the cameras to connect to the FPS 7000 in-mask display or transfer the UCF FireCore from one helmet to another. This assists Emergency Services personnel to pass on life-saving technology from one task force to the other, even at the scene of an emergency. This is achieved by holding the thermal imaging camera in close proximity to the in-mask display before mounting on the helmet.

Speeding up search and rescue

Liz Milward, marketing manager for the Emergency Services and Rescue Services at Dräger Safety UK, has explained that the release of the UCF FireCore will speed up search and rescue missions and improve firefighter orientation even in the most difficult of operating environments.

“With flames, smoke and darkness impairing vision in high-risk environments, improving situational awareness and enhancing firefighter orientation is critical if we are to protect their lives in dangerous environments,” asserted Millward.

Millward added: “By providing thermal imaging technology inside the masks of firefighters, potential dangers can be spotted far more easily. Firefighters will also be able to operate ‘hands-free’ and, as a result, support emergency operations with far greater efficiency and reduced risk.”

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