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Demand Comfort+ for your hands

07 October 2021

UK MANUFACTURER of hand and arm protection Tilsatec, continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in gloves through its proprietary Rhino Yarn technology.

Whenever you see the Rhino Yarn mark it means a product has been manufactured using Tilsatec’s own technology. With this comes the assurance of full quality control, processing traceability and performance efficiencies built in at every level. 

Now with the largest glove knitting facility in the UK, Tilsatec’s team of dedicated yarn technologists are continually exploring new yarn constructions and manufacturing techniques to provide unparalleled comfort without compromising on the level of mechanical protection.

The company says the new series of Comfort+ gloves are designed to do just that. Give you incredible comfort and an ultra-soft, smooth feel against the skin. How do they do this? 

A new Rhino Yarn structure free from steel and glass utilising advanced polyethylene fibres to deliver the optimal balance in cut resistance and comfort.

High stretch elasticity ensures great shape retention for the life of the glove and the forefinger is touchscreen enabled so gloves don’t have to be removed between tasks. 

The 53-3314 is the first glove launched in the new series. Delivering cut level C to EN388: 2016+A1:2018 it provides mid-level cut resistance combined with a clean PU palm coating, making it ideal for assembly, manufacturing, utilities, construction and white goods production and maintenance amongst other areas. 

The 53-3314 is available in sizes 6-11. To arrange a free survey or trial contact trialrequest@tilsatec.com

For more information, visit www.tilsatec.com