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The importance of workwear in construction

03 November 2021

EMPLOYERS NEED to put solutions in place to keep their workers safe. Here’s why hi-vis clothing and ear protection is crucial in construction work.

Protecting employees whilst on the job is crucial for maintaining worker health & safety; in some industries, workwear can make all the difference. It’s an employer’s legal responsibility to provide appropriate equipment to each employee! There are many different types of workwear suitable for various industries; making sure your employees have access to the correct workwear can be a challenge. Shoes with good grip are vital for hospitality workers- construction workers should wear high-visibility clothing and hard hats. In this post, we will discuss two pieces of workwear that are some of the most important for construction workers; hi-visibility clothing and ear protection.

Do Employers Legally Need to Provide Protective Workwear?

It is not a legal requirement for employers to provide employee uniforms, but the law states PPE must be provided and paid for. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) includes both high-visibility clothing and ear protection! PPE protects employers from hazards and extreme working conditions.

Why Hi-Vis Is So Important In Construction Work

Hi-Vis Clothing Makes Overnight Working Safe

Thanks to being made with unique pigments, hi-vis clothing is brighter than any other typical colour. The pigments within the material reflect ultraviolet light from the sun (and artificial light sources) and then shines brightly even in darkness. Thanks to this design, hi-visibility clothing can even be seen in the night darkness. In construction work environments, the clothing is a strong contrast against backgrounds, making workers stand out.Hi-Vis Clothing Can Prevent Road Accidents

There’s a good reason why road workers wear high-visibility clothing; because it alerts road users of where workers are located. Construction workers often work on or near busy roads or with bulky construction equipment such as forklift trucks. Reflective clothing returns light from headlights, meaning road/equipment users can spot workers easily. Road traffic accidents are much less likely when workers are wearing hi-vis clothing.

Hi-Vis Clothing Is Easy to Wear And Change

One of the primary functions of high-visibility clothing is that it offers high visibility during daylight hours and in darkness. This means it allows for work in any setting! During summer, winter, daytime, even nighttime. This is a massive benefit for construction workers, as the work needs completing year-round, and we can not control the seasons!

Wondering what the best high-visibility colours are for your workers? Choose a colour that contrasts your workers’ environment. Have a lot of orange equipment at your site? Choose lime green hi-vis clothing. This ensures your workers will stand out and remain safe!

Why Ear Protection Is So Important In Construction Work

Ear Protection Prevents Hearing Damage

If your workers are consistently exposed to loud noises, you should provide them with ear protection. Workplaces that average a daily or weekly volume of 85dB legally require hearing protection for staff. This is because even fifteen minutes of music at 100dB can cause hearing damage; power tools often reach 100dB! So, imagine the damage that noise could cause if ear protection is not worn on construction sites?

What Forms Of Ear Protection Are Available?

Depending on the industry, different forms of hearing protection are suitable. For construction work, ear defenders that cover the whole ear are a sensible choice. Earplugs do not provide the same level of protection; they often fall out and can become uncomfortable.

Helmet mounted ear defenders are another great option- especially for workers that must wear a hard hat! The band on standard ear defenders often doesn’t stretch over a helmet. Hard hats and ear defenders are crucial parts of construction workwear, so this solution combining the two is perfect.

Always Make Sure Your Workwear Is High Quality

Cobra Workwear stocks a vast range of workwear suitable for many industries, including high-visibility clothing and ear protection! They also offer an embroidery service; adding your company branding to your employee workwear provides even more safety. Not only does it help protect your workers, but company branding on workwear also looks professional! Check out their range today, and get in touch if you have any questions. Time to invest in some high-quality protective workwear- and keep your employees safe on-site!