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Cirrus Research now a UKAS accredited laboratory

30 October 2018

NOISE MONITORING instrument suppliers and manufacturers, Cirrus Research, have taken a further step in cementing their position as the one of the world’s leading noise experts, as they have just received UKAS accreditation for the calibration of sound level meters, acoustic calibrators and octave band filters.

UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No. 10148, Cirrus Research, is able to offer its clients an unrivalled calibration service, that guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the instruments put through this process. Not only can Cirrus calibrate its own products to UKAS standards, but those from other leading manufacturers too.

Cirrus Research is now one of only five calibration laboratories accredited by UKAS to verify sound level meters and sound calibrators, one of only three accredited to do so to the most recent standards, and the first UK lab to offer the calibration of acoustic calibrators to the 2017 standards. 

UKAS accredited calibration is the highest possible standard of instrument verification available, and is recognised internationally as being one of the hallmarks of accuracy, precision and quality. Many organisations now insist that their instruments are UKAS calibrated, and so Cirrus is in an even better position to help its clients beat excessive noise and the health risks it poses.

There are multiple benefits to having instruments calibrated to UKAS standard, including:

  • Guaranteeing the reliability of noise data;
  • Having data that will stand up to scrutiny in legal proceedings;
  • Ensuring the accuracy of noise measurement instruments; and
  • Having peace of mind, knowing that instruments have been fully tested and verified to the highest standard.

Cirrus Research Calibration Manager Craig Scott said: “This is a major achievement for Cirrus Research and we’re delighted to be able to offer the very highest level of service and accreditation to our clients.

“With over 40 years' experience, gaining UKAS-accreditation feels like a natural step for us in consolidating our position as one of the world's leading manufacturers, suppliers and calibrators of noise measurement equipment.” he added.

To find out more information or to book your instruments in for UKAS calibration, contact the Cirrus experts on 01723 891 655 or email lesley.roberts@cirrusresearch.com.

To learn more about UKAS calibration go to: https://www.ukas.com/wp-content/uploads/schedule_uploads/00001/10148CalibrationSingle.pdf

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