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Comfortable alternative to disposable respirators

19 November 2020

The ConceptAir powered respirator kit from trusted PPE brand Centurion, offers an alternative to disposable respirators for workers looking for COVID-19 PPE with enhanced comfort and protection.

Lightweight, cool and comfortable the ConceptAir provides 200 litres of filtered air per minute and will typically run for eight hours before it needs recharging. 

By contrast disposable respirators need to be fitted tightly to work effectively which can make them hot and uncomfortable during prolonged use and they are generally not recommended to be worn for longer than 60 minutes. Users of disposable respirators also need to be clean shaven to ensure the mask achieves an adequate face seal during a fit test, whereas the ConceptAir provides full coverage for workers with facial hair. 

The ConceptAir is a TH2 certified product which the company says ensures COVID-19 protection as well as protection against particulate hazards including dusts, fumes and mists when used with a P3 filter. The ConceptAir also has a lightweight flip-up polycarbonate visor to maximise all round vision

The ConceptAir has been widely used among front line medics during the pandemic and is being adopted by workers in a variety of industries where respiratory protection needs to be worn for prolonged periods or where users are looking for enhanced protection. This includes within veterinary surgeries, among immigration and prison staff and in any scenario where workers need comfortable, reliable protection from a brand they can trust. The ConceptAir is also proving extremely popular among workers who work around aerosol generating procedures such as dentists because these practices increase the risk of viral transmission. 

Deryn Gilbey, Centurion, head of marketing comments, “The ConceptAir is helping workers in a wide range of sectors to get back to work comfortably, safely and with confidence with end users describing it as a literal breath of fresh air in comparison to wearing a tight fitting respirator. What’s more we have a strong supply chain so the ConceptAir is available on a fast turnaround.”

For more information: https://centurionsafety.eu/