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Casella 63x digital sound level meters

03 July 2018

THE CASELLA CEL-63x Series of sound level meters are the most versatile of meters available; ideal for both noise at work applications (ISO9612, OSHA) and environmental noise measurements (BS14142).

Ensure compliance with workplace noise legislation with the CEL-63x Series and to assist with the selection of hearing protection.  For environmental noise monitoring, these CEL-63x Series can be used for boundary noise assessment, noise nuisance complaints or in the construction industry, section 61 notices.

This noise exposure monitor is designed to make sound level measurements as simple as possible and displayed as simply or as comprehensively as you require – all parameters are stored so you can view as your requirements demand.

Average, Peak and Octave Band Measurements are performed simultaneously so no need for multiple noise measurements. All are displayed graphically on the full colour display. There is even an option to record voice notes to trace the run.

Data can be marked to signify important events which can be analysed later. Up to 60 hours of audio files can be stored for noise identification purposes. Stored audio can be played back on the instrument with headphones or via Casella’s Insight data management software.

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