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Belt hoists for clean environments

03 March 2022

KONECRANES HAS upgraded and relaunched its popular range of belt hoists.

The models feature lubrication-free polyester lifting belts, making them suitable for operation in environments where hygiene is a critical factor. The hoists are ideal solutions for food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as electronic and electrical assembly applications, or any workplace where cleanliness is a critical factor. The belts are also resistant to acids, bases, mineral salts, solvents and oil. 

The range includes 13 models with SWLs from 500 kg to 2000 kg. Depending on SWL, belt hoists are offered with lifting speeds from 5/0.8 m/min to 20/3.3 m/min, using a two-speed contactor control. The variable lifting speeds, facilitate slow movement for accurate load positioning, with high-speed lifting for operational efficiency. The low headroom design and small C-dimension, together with compact hoist size, maximise available workspace providing a height of lift of up to 9 m. 

The feature rich Konecranes’ belt hoists have been engineered for ease of operation, high performance and reliability. They feature a high-quality motor and strong polyamide pulleys. Operation is via an intuitive, user-friendly pendant controller, or an optional radio remote handset, providing the user with total and safe control of all lifting and moving functions.

Konecranes’ belt hoists are easily installed and may be integrated with a range of platforms, including overhead gantries, jib cranes and monorail systems. Depending on operational requirements, a variety of trolleys are available to accommodate various configurations, including stationery hoists, standard trolleys with manual or motorised operation for straight rails. 

The products are inherently safe, featuring an electromagnetic self-adjusting brake, electrically isolated steel or stainless steel hook block, and motor overheating protection. The hoist units are rated to IP55 against water and dust.

Konecranes’ belt hoists are robust and durable for maximum operational availability. The simple design simplifies maintenance regimes for increased productivity.