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BSC launches guidance service

12 August 2020

WITH WORKPLACES across the country reopening their doors to employees in recent months, the British Safety Council have launched the Assurance Assessment Service, providing guidance for employers looking to minimise the risk of COVID-19 and its spread.

Since many of us have spent the past few months in lockdown, either furloughed or working from home, the reality of returning to work can be unsettling. For those who have already returned to the workplace, or have been working throughout the months of the pandemic, safety might also still be a major concern as workplaces struggle to adapt to new health and safety practices and avoid a ‘second wave’.
In an effort to address these anxieties, the new Assurance Assessment Service acts as a guide for businesses and organisations from all sectors regarding best strategies to implement in the workplace, ensuring the health and safety of all staff members in the coming months.

How the Assurance Assessment Service can help:

  • Expert advice is given on the type of physical adjustments and protocols needed to ensure the health and safety of employees on the premises. This includes guidance on best practices for social distancing, cleaning regimes, waste management and the use of PPE where needed.
  • The Assurance Assessment Service also advises businesses on the best practices for promoting employee wellbeing upon their return to work and the importance of communication between employees and managers during this uncertain time.

How does it work?

Professional support and independent assurance is offered from the British Safety Council’s health, safety, wellbeing and environmental experts so that businesses can implement the best strategies to suit their unique circumstances. 

Businesses can also rest assured that any advice they receive is based upon the outcomes of relevant risk assessments carried out in relation to their workplace, as well as in line with current government and sector guidance. 

Why is it important?

Despite the UK adopting social distancing and increased health and safety measures back in March, the pandemic continues to pose a threat to our health and wellbeing. As businesses begin to reopen in large numbers, employees will naturally be anxious about returning to the workplace:

  • The British Safety Council interviewed ten organisations across various sectors in June 2020 about the impact of COVID-19 on its employees, discovering that a lack of PPE was a major concern whilst those in face-to-face jobs struggled mentally with going back to work.
  • recent survey also revealed that 44% of workers were nervous about returning to work whilst 31% expressed concerns about their commute to the workplace.

It is now more important than ever that employers take increased responsibility for the health and safety measures implemented in their workplaces. The Assurance Assessment Service will aim to help employers tackle these challenges amid their reopening throughout the following months, safeguarding employee health, safety and wellbeing.

Find out more about the Assurance Assessment Service here.