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Alcohol-free hand sanitiser completes range

21 October 2019

SC Johnson Professional offers a wide range of hand sanitisers suitable for all healthcare environments. Its latest offering is an alcohol-free product.

Costing the NHS £1 billion a year, Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) are a major current issue in healthcare facilities. Resulting in an additional 3.6m patient days in hospital a year, HCAIs reduce NHS resources and available time with new admittances, straining healthcare staff and ultimately creating a potentially life-threatening situation.

20-40% of all HCAIs could be avoided, and hand hygiene plays a key role in this. Improving the communication and application of existing hand hygiene practices, including the WHO’s 5 Moments, mean that hand washing is a focal method – but this also brings a need for sanitising at the point of care.

Hygiene compliance is unavoidably affected by need and preference, which varies between facility and user so the right product offering is crucial; healthcare professionals need to be offered a range and have full accessibility at any moment. Bringing efficient products that users want to use can help maximise hand hygiene compliance.

This is where SC Johnson Professional’s complete hand sanitiser range comes in, allowing providers and healthcare facilities to tailor product offerings. The range is perfume and dye free, and includes gel, foam and alcohol free formats. Bringing the most suitable sanitiser for every situation, the range meets the needs of all healthcare facilities.

SC Johnson Professional has recognised a divide in the market; with preferences differing between alcohol-based and alcohol free formats. Whilst there is a wide preference for foam sanitiser, gel is offered as an equally efficacious alternative and alcohol free for those who work with vulnerable patients or where alcohol is deemed as a risk. 

Alongside being recommended by the World Health Organisation, SC Johnson Professional says there is clear evidence that alcohol-based sanitisers provide the best broad-spectrum biocidal efficacy in the shortest time frame. Its foam and gel kill 99.999% of many common germs in just 20 to 30 seconds. The alcohol-free product has been specified for certain high-risk environments and vulnerable patients, such as high dependency and dementia units and paediatric settings.

Foam Hand Sanitiser

The fully viricidal hand sanitiser is suitable for use in all environments where a high level of hand hygiene is vital; the sanitiser kills 99.999% of many common germs.

The sanitiser can be applied to hands prior to wearing latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves, and is proven to prevent skin dryness even after frequent use. Suitable for sensitive skin, the sanitiser is also free of polymer thickeners which can leave a sticky after feel. Marble-shaped bubbles roll over the skin for rapid application and the visual cue of the foam prevents excessive dispensing and wastage.

Gel Hand Sanitiser

Providing alcohol-based gel sanitiser to those who prefer it gives a high quality alternative, maximizing hand hygiene compliance. Killing 99.999% of many common germs, the gel dries quickly and with added emollients including glycerine, panthenol, and purified hamamelis, it helps care for the skin and prevent skin softening when perspiring under gloves.

Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitiser

For healthcare workers treating vulnerable patients such as children or the elderly, the Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser provides a safe, effective sanitiser option. Killing 99.99% of many common germs and viruses, the sanitiser is proven not to dry hands after use, maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance.

The new range brings a complete set of safe, effective options for healthcare workers, offering users a solution for all potential situations. A rounded range, complete with all formats, SC Johnson Professional can offer a balanced viewpoint and can recommend products where most appropriate, avoiding mass and potentially unsafe usage.