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Why is warehouse cleaning essential during COVID-19?

12 January 2021

WE'VE SEEN yet another lockdown through the pandemic, and this time around it’s hit the hospitality industry extremely hard. From pubs to hotels and restaurants; the industry as a whole has taken a huge beating. With lockdown here once again, following the ‘Christmas Relaxation’, it would appear that the nation remains at home as much as possible and inevitably do what they do best - order from home.

From Black Friday to Christmas and no doubt January sales, the nation's finger appears to constantly be over the trigger to ‘add to basket’ or ‘checkout’ and while the hospitality industry has taken a huge hit, the industrial and facilities management sector has gone into overdrive.

The country has become more and more reliant on warehouses and e-commerce businesses to deliver the goods straight to their doorstep and can you blame them? With such heavy workloads however, cleaning has become a real necessity to not only protect staff but protect customers too, ensuring this trade remains as safe as possible, reducing the risk of spreading the virus further as they work to keep the nation going.


Warehouse Cleaning Has Never Been More Important

When we talk about warehouse cleaning, we aren’t just discussing the usual high level cleaning, we’re also talking about regular day-to-day cleaning also. The Coronavirus stays on surfaces for up 72-hours and even though many warehouses have seen reduced numbers of staff in the warehouse at any one time, thanks to carefully managed shift work, there will still be great risk in terms of spreading that virus. To manage this however, it’s worth increasing cleaning schedules for warehouses, especially to cover areas such as:

  • Main floor and operating area
  • Locker rooms
  • Toilets
  • Dispensaries
  • Common rooms
  • Kitchens

How Often Should You Be Implementing Cleaning?

When it actually comes to cleaning, it’s recommended that a warehouse put into place not only daily cleaning but end of shift disinfection also. This will minimise the spread from one shift of workers to another. With end of shift disinfection as well as in-between shift cleaning, the spread of COVID-19 should be at an absolute minimum.

Contact Grease Gone For Complete Cleaning Peace Of Mind

While regular cleaning may help, cleaning on this scale requires the help of professional cleaning companies and Grease Gone are one such company who can help. As one of the UK’s leading commercial cleaning companies, Grease Gone can help you implement the cleaning regime you need to ensure the safety of your staff and continued running of your warehouse. 

From high-level cleaning to regular surface cleaning and even fogging sanitisation available to provide top level disinfection, Grease Gone have you covered with every cleaning regime possible to ensure your warehouse is running safely and efficiently throughout this pandemic.

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