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The importance of office cleaning due to COVID, reduce risk and liability?

18 January 2021

AS AN employer, you must take appropriate action to protect your staff, and visitors from harm. This includes taking any reasonable steps to protect your workers and others visiting your premises from COVID-19.

Coronavirus can transfer from people to surfaces to people again and it can do so at an alarming rate. By keeping your place of work clean, you’re helping to reduce the risk and in turn your own liability. 


Clean To Reduce The Risk

You may be aware that you must carry out a risk assessment in order to help you, as an employer, manage the risk to yourself and your staff. It’s this risk assessment that can provide you with the guidance needed to determine your cleaning regime. Your cleaning regime now will be instrumental in ensuring your place of work is a safe one and more specifically, COVID secure.

Basic office however, simply will not cut it during what can only be described as very unprecedented times. Cleaning needs to be taken up a step and it all begins with those high-traffic touch points. What do we mean by touch points?

  • Work surfaces including desks and workstations
  • Handles and buttons on doors, windows, lifts and other areas
  • Commonly used areas such as toilets, reception desks, lifts etc
  • Vehicle handles, steering wheels, seat belts and other commonly touched points
  • Computer keyboards, touch screens and phones
  • Common area appliances - kettles, fridges, microwaves etc
  • Shared equipment or tools such as printers, fax machines
  • Post as well as any other goods being shipped in/out

With this in mind, it’s important to identify not only a more efficient regular office cleaning https://cleaning-express.com/office-cleaning-services/ routine but also sporadic deep cleaning too.


How Deep Cleaning Can Help

Deep cleaning will include cleaning of areas and objects that may not necessarily be cleaned within a regular office clean. From carpets to walls and so much more. You may also benefit from the likes of fogging sanitisation after a deep clean to not only ensure a clean space but protect your surfaces by creating what is essentially a hostile environment for the virus to remain on.

With regular deep cleaning, you’re ensuring your workspace and the workspace of your employees is as clean as humanly possible. This is through the use of not only high-tech equipment and industrial solutions, but highly-trained teams of cleaners who’ll ensure a virus-free space upon completion.


Regular Cleans Will Keep On Top Of Deep Cleans

While some may feel deep cleaning is enough, it’s essential to back up a sporadic deep cleaning routine with regular office cleaning to ensure the above mentioned touch points are kept on top of, along with other areas. This may be carried out once a day, sometimes even twice a day to ensure touch points and work stations do not become a harbinger of germs and bacteria.


Reduce Your Risk Of Illness & Liability In One

With regular deep cleaning and regular office cleaning, you can ensure that you’re reducing the risk as much as humanly possible to both you and your staff. You’ll remain on the right side of the law too, with evidence to show you’re taking precautionary action to protect your workers during this time. 

If you’d like to find out more about office cleaning and deep cleaning, we recommend contacting Cleaning Express, one of London’s leading commercial cleaning companies, https://cleaning-express.com/  today on 0203 633 0390.