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Four models of safety gloves

06 February 2018

Ejendals, the hand and foot protection specialist, has introduced four additional models to its popular new TEGERA Infinity collection.

First launched in the spring 2017, the ultra-comfortable coated safety gloves caught the attention of professionals who in recent months came with suggestions for new touchscreen versions, longer cuffs and a fully coated model, which have all been added to complete the range. 

Göran Ström, product manager at Ejendals AB, said: “I think a lot of people have a kind of ‘hallelujah moment’ when they try on TEGERA Infinity gloves for the first time and really experience the superb grip, dexterity, softness for themselves.” 

According to Ejendals, the secret behind the new “Infinity feel” is a new manufacturing technology that combines state-of-the-art coating material with extra-soft protective fibres. The dip itself is a blend of nitrile and water-based polyurethane (PU), which offers flexibility, uncompromising protection and an impressive fit. Nitrile is a synthetic latex-free rubber that offers a high level of fingertip sensitivity. 

These new models fill out the range, which already includes two ultra-thin “single-dip” gloves for dry to semi-dry conditions demanding a high degree of dexterity, tactility and control. The three earlier “double-dipped” models were developed specifically for wet and oily surfaces. And finally, two CUT D cut-resistant gloves are made from the company’s own proprietary cut-resistant fibre.