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Find the best fuel flow meter

05 February 2018

In the process and liquid handling industries, it is imperative to measure the exact flow of fluids through a fuel flow meter into a tanker truck, explains IFC Inflow.

Finding the best fuel flow meter is essential. Most importantly, an accurate flow measurement meter helps in quantifying stock levels and distribution of stock to customers. The health and safety parameters of transferring hazardous and or corrosive fluids requires the bulk flow meter to be leak-free, durable, and robust. For all these reasons, you need to find the best fuel flow meter that provides excellent accuracy and flawless performance.

Consider the following factors when choosing the right manufacturer for the meter:

1. Assess for conformality:

High-quality flow meters are available in different configurations to suit specific demands of oil and fuel industries. Flow meters are primarily deployed in chemical, petroleum, and petrochemical industries where the flow of liquid needs to be accurately measured when tanker loading or unloading. These hazardous and or corrosive liquids can harm the working environment so the flow meter should conform to health and safety guidelines. You can also choose flow meters for fuel metering in heavy industrial machinery, which has MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approval.

2. Assess the accuracy of the flow meter:

These high-precision devices in which accuracy is an important feature should always maintain compliance with industry standards. For absolute accuracy in the process of flow measurement, you can buy positive displacement or PD flow meters that use parts that maintain their durability and strength over years of continuous use. They can be used for accurate flow measurement of highly aggressive chemicals and other hazardous fluids.

3. Assess the maintenance requirements:

You should always invest in the best fuel flow meter that requires minimum maintenance. It helps in predicting the maintenance schedule at your facility. Additionally, choose the meter that has simplicity in installation and operations and contains durable parts such as Teflon seals and carbon bearings. You should prefer buying a high-precision meter from a trusted company that can customise according to your specific application. With the right product, it becomes easier to plan the maintenance routine and reduce the downtime caused due to unexpected technical failures.

4. Assess the different types:

The flow meters are available in two main types for catering to the needs of different industries. You can buy them for measuring liquid flow in Zone 1 hazardous environments or re-fuelling at high speed of fuels into ships, train tankers or road trucks.

When choosing the best fuel flow meter for precise measurement, you should consider the operational parameters like flexibility and consistency in the results offered by the flow meters. Ideally, choose a system having a smaller footprint and easy portability. Most importantly, prefer buying the flow meters that can be customised according to the specific requirements of your site.