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Pre-work cream for winter

01 December 2017

With winter almost here, it is time for organisations to focus on protecting employees working in low and freezing environments. Stokoderm Frost, a specialist pre-work cream formulated by Deb, is designed to keep the hands, face and other exposed skin healthy in cold working conditions.

Exposure to the cold for long periods of time in a workplace can cause issues with dry skin and lead to severe long-term problems. Dry skin is an especially common problem during the winter: when the humidity level outside drops, the air outside is cold and dry, and the water in the skin evaporates more quickly. 

Inadequate skin protection in workplaces, such as construction sites, can also seriously hamper workers’ productivity, particularly during the winter months. Also, developing an occupational skin disorder (OSD) can affect workers’ morale, reduce their earnings and have a negative impact on those around them – including friends and family.

Part of the Deb Stoko Range, Stokoderm Frost has a dual-action formula that prevents skin dryness and allows users to apply the cream at sub-zero temperatures to -30˚C without it freezing. Dermatologically tested, it is safe to use on the hands, face and any other exposed skin. Incorporating an anti-freeze effect, Stokoderm Frost cares for and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier when working in cold and freezing temperatures, and it helps maintain user comfort over the course of a working day.

A key feature of Stokoderm Frost is that it absorbs quickly into the skin, encouraging its use by its ease of application. This is reinforced by the cream’s compatibility with gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE) – giving workers extra protection on the job. It is suitable for outdoor workers and those working in refrigerated environments across the construction, mining, food, catering, warehousing and logistics industries.