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Safety footwear on display

08 November 2017

HAIX showcased its Black Eagle Safety boot range at the recent A+A trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Exhibiting to more than 65,000 specialist visitors from around 86 countries, HAIX displayed the Black Eagle Safety 40, Safety 50, Safety 53 and the new, all encompassing Black Eagle Safety 54, highlighting cutting-edge technology and high-tech features designed to protect workers, making the working day easier to complete.

The Black Eagle Safety footwear range is synonymous with quality and evolution, achieving the CE EN ISO 20345: 2011 S3 certification, providing optimum protection.

HAIX has revolutionised safety footwear trends with The Black Eagle Safety range offering flexible, lightweight and sporty soles to ensure workers no longer have to wear chunky and uncomfortable safety shoes to remain protected.

Safety first

Anti-slip outsoles have rubber multi-terrain tread, and the lightweight PU midsole enhances heel to toe support as well as providing excellent thermal insulation. These features ensure shoes have a sturdy grip on a range of terrains protecting workers from possible hazards causing slips, trips or falls. The Black Eagle Safety range also have flexible, lightweight puncture resistant midsole components, providing optimum protection.

Composite toe caps made from fibre-reinforced materials also provide certified protection for workers, particularly from injuries that could involve the toes and feet.

Other high-tech protective features include Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD). This is found in each safety shoe, ensuring wearer protection when working in high risk atmospheres, where there is a risk of being exposed to electrostatic charge that could affect the safety of the working environment and some electronic devices. The ESD feature complies with the required EN 61340-4-3 2002 regulation.

Waterproof and breathable

With a Gore-Tex Extended Comfort laminate, the Black Eagle Safety shoes are completely waterproof and breathable, exceeding EN ISO standards, allowing absolutely no water penetration. The Black Eagle Safety 50, 53 and 54 also have waterproof, hydrophobic upper material, protecting feet from possible discomfort.

Comfortable cushioning and moisture repellent insoles are anti-bacterial, maintaining foot health throughout the working day. Inserts have ‘AIRFLOW’ channels keeping workers protected in different climates.

The Black Eagle Safety Mid cut boots are designed with the HAIX Climate System, enabling a pumping movement, allowing air to be circulated around the shoe with every step.

In the Black Eagle Safety 50 and 54, the shoes have the ability to reduce heating affects from the sun, through a Sun Reflect feature on the upper leather, keeping the material and feet cooler, whilst maintaining comfort.

Comfort zone

For workers to remain comfortable, as well as protected, the Black Eagle Safety 40 and 50 Low shoes have the HAIX® Smart Lacing System, allowing a smooth and non-pressure adjustment of the shoe to the foot. This feature also provides a quick lock lace pocket, ideal for workers that need to quickly release shoes.

Accommodating a variety of sizes, each shoe has the HAIX® Vario Wide system allowing wearers to use insoles, ensuring the perfect fit. Different styles are also available and shoes can be purchased in mid, low and high versions.

Delegates to the A+A show  experienced HAIX’s®  ability to revolutionise footwear, having the chance to see how technical experts have applied their unrivalled expertise, exceeding safety standards and creating boots providing ultimate protection and comfort.

For more information visit, https://www.haix.co.uk