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Airborne asbestos warning device

26 May 2017

Alert Technology, a South Devon based business, celebrated the successful first close in their first investment round of c.£700,000 at the end of 2016 and are now looking to top up this investment with a lift round on SyndicateRoom.com.

Thanks to receipt of this private investment, Alert Technology have been able to commence early production work on their life-saving new technology, the Asbestos Alert, which is claimed to be the world's first and only, real time warning device for airborne asbestos.

Designed for people likely to disturb asbestos containing materials at work, the 'Asbestos ALERT' offers an early warning and will be a vital first line of defence helping reduce the risk of prolonged exposure to airborne asbestos. The occupation killer takes over 100,000 lives globally and is responsible for 1 in 3 occupational cancers.

Early funding in the form of an EU FP7 Proof of Principle project enabled Alert, which is a spin out from The Select Group of Companies, and a consortium of EU experts, including the University of Hertfordshire, to develop the Alert to a proven working prototype.

NCL, one of the UK’s leading early stage technology investors, then backed Alert Technology as lead investor with a £500,000 investment made through the Kent County Council supported Discovery Park Technology Investment Fund (DPTIF) which is an early stage venture vehicle for promising R&D and technology firms.

Alert raised an additional £200,000 of investment to reach its minimum funding target of £700,000 in its first close. The additional funds came from the company's founders, Alert's production partners and private individuals including friends, family and angel investors.

This vital capital has enabled Alert to hire key personnel; develop a number of new commercial interests; advance product development and commence early stage production and the company plans to commence early stage commercial field trials in the coming months with key industry players including the HS Labs, the HSE's laboratory and plans to become revenue generating within months.

Alert Technology are now running a 'lift round' on SyndicateRoom to raise an additional £300,000 which will predominantly be used for faster development of new models and sector-specific models with increased airflow and other patentable technological advancements, and brand marketing.