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Maintenance tips for safety footwear

23 May 2017

Sangeeta Aeri, technical manager at Supertouch, has some tips for keeping safety footwear in tip-top condition.

1. Storing up trouble – how and where you store your footwear can dramatically impact their effectiveness and lifespan. Exposure to sunlight can cause materials to deteriorate while storage in damp areas is also hazardous, as it can cause the boots to develop mould. Remember to also dry boots out thoroughly if they have got wet during the day and don’t forget the laces which can become mouldy or brittle. In order to maintain the safety integrity of safety footwear, it’s always advised to store them in a cool, dry area that is well-ventilated.

2. Uneven wear - Every construction worker wears shoes and boots differently, which can result in uneven wear on the sole. Over time, this wear can become quite noticeable affecting the sturdiness of the shoe, its slip resistance, electrical resistance and crucially the comfort of the wearer. Replace them if at all concerned.

3. Heavy objects – toecaps are designed to protect our feet and so when something falls on the foot, there is a tendency to simply think that’s what I wear these for. It’s important to note therefore, that even if there are no signs of damage, in the form of dents or scratches, safety may have been compromised. It pays to be cautious, so consider replacement as soon as possible.