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Solving coolant mist issues

09 March 2017

A major Aerospace subcontract manufacturer has recently purchased its 6th OMF1000 coolant mist filter from AirBench for use in its dedicated Airbus production facility.

This forms part of a rolling programme of OMF installations; a series of previous OMF units were supplied by ACS and AirBench have continued the programme.

The OMF units have been installed to a series of Dugard and Chiron Vertical Machining Centres. In several cases, AirBench have been able to specify a single OMF1000 to support a pair of machine tools, through analysing usage of each machine tool and identifying patterns to ensure sufficient extraction coverage during peak operation hours.

Installations have been preplanned and duct routings agreed based on pre-sales surveys, and each installation has been completed within a single day.

A representative from the customer said ‘We’ve been working with AirBench for many years and using their downdraught benches for several dust extraction applications. Since AirBench acquired the OMF range, we’ve had the opportunity to work more closely with them, and we expect the relationship to continue for many years to come - the OMF system has proved very effective for us.”

Recently the customer has begun converting its OMF units to AirBenches unique 3-stage mesh filter system. This system upgrades the filtration package, to extend filter life and capture the majority of coolant mist in a cleanable mesh system that is expected to last for many years. Filter costs have dropped, while efficiency has improved.