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B&CE gains industry endorsement for vision for occupational health in construction

01 February 2017

Addressing the Health in Construction Leadership Group’s (HCLG) CEO Summit, B&CE chief executive Patrick Heath-Lay gained overwhelming support from attendees on the company’s vision for a new approach to occupational health (OH).

82% of CEOs voted ‘yes’ when asked if the proposed approach was a viable way forward for the industry.

B&CE has engaged with the industry, finding that 84% of contractors agree that more needs to be done to improve how OH is implemented in the construction sector. At the core of the findings was a lack of understanding of what occupational health is, leading to inconsistent approaches, inefficiencies and ultimately, poorer outcomes.

Patrick Heath-Lay, chief executive officer of B&CE, said: “We’ve been working with HCLG, the HSE and wider stakeholders to develop an approach based on clear industry standards. We want to create a model that is good value for money, reduces administrative burden and helps manage the risks we know are inherent in the construction industry. It will only work if the industry thinks it’s the way to go – and yesterday they told us yes, it is.

"Our vision has at its heart a digital, portable record that workers can take from site to site and contractor to contractor. This will enable them to own and manage their health records for the first time."

Clive Johnson, one of the founding members and chair of the HCLG and Group Head of Health, Safety and Security at Land Securities, said: “In raising important health issues today with over 300 industry leaders, we have set the foundations to addressing health openly, confidently and honestly within the construction industry. We look forward to working with B&CE as they develop their new approach to occupational health.”

Over the coming months, B&CE will work with the industry to further develop this solution and ultimately improve the health of construction workers. For details of Patrick Heath-Lay’s presentation, research and to keep up to date with the development of B&CE’s proposed occupational health model, visit www.bandce.co.uk/occupational-health