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New integrated harness options

22 September 2016

MSA’s Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD) - the self-rescue in a backpack - delivers both fall arrest and rescue functions and is now available with new integrated harness options.

The PRD self-rescue solution can complete a worker’s rescue from 20 metres above the ground in just 27 seconds, safely and with no specialist training needed. The unobtrusive system is contained within a lightweight backpack integrated onto a choice of hardwearing harnesses. In the event of a fall, the worker is first suspended and then gently lowered to the ground in a controlled descent. 

The multi-award winning PRD is used in conjunction with an engineered fall protection system or anchor point and offers users a combined PPE solution with a descent function. In the event of a fall, the descent mechanism is activated by pulling a ripcord, from which a 20 metre line with a braking function is released to lower a worker smoothly to safety. Once on the ground, a quick release of the harness allows the worker to safely leave the area.

Should a worker be unable to activate the descent cord themselves, a colleague can activate the PRD’s built-in secondary descent release mechanism situated on the back of the device, via a rescue pole.

The Latchways PRD is now available with MSA’s Workman Premier lightweight harness which weighs just 1.27 kg and the Workman Utility Full Body harness, a versatile all-rounder designed for both indoor and outdoor construction and maintenance work.