Top of the crops

21 September 2016

Farming company Velcourt has rolled out a Hytera Digital Mobile Radio system that has greatly improved communication and health & safety.

Before Velcourt decided to switch to a Hytera radio system they were using mobile phones. This was proving difficult while operating the heavy agricultural vehicles and also didn’t allow for group conversations. They also experienced many problems while using mobile phones due to a poor network signal in certain areas of the land.

Smye-Rumsby was contacted by Velcourt to discuss their options for their ideal radio system. It was recommended that Velcourt fit their agricultural vehicles with Hytera radios with a desktop mobile fitted in the farm’s office. Senior staff and those with particularly hazardous jobs were offered Bluetooth remote speaker microphones that connected to the radios in the vehicles.

Velcourt now have an advanced, reliable digital radio solution, which is suitable for group communications. With the radios being easy to use, farm staff can still keep full attention on operating their vehicles. They can also achieve impressive coverage thanks to Hytera’s robust and cost-effective VHF repeater.

Philip Smye-Rumsby, MD at Smye-Rumsby, said: “We have greater confidence in offering the Hytera product range as major part of our portfolio of radio communication products.”