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Silo safety site

07 April 2016

Level measurement specialist Hycontrol has launched a new website designed specifically to provide guidance to prevent over-pressurisation of storage silos during the delivery of powdered products.

The site, www.siloprotection.com, features in-depth explanations about the causes and symptoms of silo over-pressurisation, information on current safety guidelines from organisations such as the MPA (Mineral Products Association) and DEFRA, and informative safety briefings.

Hycontrol MD, Nigel Allen, said: “What’s clear from our extensive site visits is that there is still confusion among site staff and managers about the facts of silo safety, current industry guidelines and the requirement for well -maintained, testable protection systems. Hycontrol have been pioneers of Silo Protection Systems for the last decade, so we decided to create a comprehensive online resource so those who work with silos can easily find information about industry best practice.”

The site also features an extensive gallery of commonly-encountered problems. “Simply put, if you look at the pictures on our new website and see something similar at the top of your silos, then you have an issue that urgently needs addressing,” added Mr. Allen. The new website www.siloprotection.com has been designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of current legislation and guidelines, highlight industry best practice and recommend solutions to common issues.