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Designed for dusty environments

03 February 2016

Providing chemical formulation and packing services to blue chip multinationals, Grotech Production relies heavily on its fleet of forklifts to ensure that its production, as well as that of its customers, is always running optimally. 

Faced with an aging fleet, the Yorkshire-based agrochemical specialist sought out equipment that could handle incoming and outgoing goods, as well as feed its busy production lines. Due to the nature of the work, the trucks needed to be able to operate safely – and reliably – in dusty environments.

To meet these demands, Grotech recently took delivery of a trio of Mitsubishi GRENDiA ES FGC20CNs forklifts from Malcolm West Forklifts (Red Diamond Distribution). 

Mark Shipley from Grotech said: “Although the Mitsubishi quote was more expensive on the face of it, the very high specification including 3 way catalytic converter, belly guard, LED lights and built in speed controller coupled with an attractive range of finance options, was highly compelling. It quickly became clear that Malcolm West would deliver far superior value for money, with a better product, greater efficiency, and greater long-term savings.”

A compact chassis LPG counterbalance truck, the FGC20CN is suited to working in the factory’s tighter environments – where racking can limit manoeuvrability. 

To meet Grotech’s needs, one of the new vehicles was fitted with a cabin – allowing for all-weather outdoor operation. 

Each of the trucks was fitted with scales to allow operators to identify potentially dangerous overloads, while ensuring that delivered goods match the weight specified on the delivery note. A three-way catalytic convertor, present on all LPG GRENDiA models, also ensures highly filtered emissions from the clean-burning engine – meaning dramatically reduced NOx emissions, and no dust and dirt being generated.

These clean, efficient workhorses are already proving popular on the Grotech site. Driver Adam Corrigan enthuses: “In nearly 40 years of operating fork trucks, these new Mitsubishi compact chassis trucks have to be the best I’ve driven.” 

Mark Shipley said: “These trucks are a vast improvement on our previous fleet and have been very well received by our drivers. They are truly excited to have these sophisticated, comfortable trucks helping them with their work. What’s more, we’re already seeing improved fuel economy and far superior reliability – they really are a world apart.