Solar Electronics

06 January 2016

Fronius offer solar solutions that last. For decades of sunrises to come.

Synonymous with quality, Austrian manufacturer Fronius develop high-performance inverters for grid-connected PV systems that are efficient, reliable and powerful. They also offer battery storage systems and free, comprehensive PV monitoring solutions. Its long-term goal is to achieve energy self-sufficiency for the planet. They call this energy future #24hoursof sun

Fronius offer both residential and commercial string inverters from 1.5 – 27 kW and central inverters up 100 kW. Working with inverter technology has never been as easy as it is with the Fronius SnapINverter generation. Installation of this compact and lightweight range is quick and simple with its intelligent Snap-in design. The future-proof inverters come with an all-in-one communications package including integrated wireless for system monitoring. What’s more, all registered Fronius String inverters come with a FREE 7 year warranty in 2016.

Every single Fronius product is put through stringent quality control measures and thoroughly tested before dispatch, but Fronius quality is not just apparent in their products, their technical support and unmatched Fronius Service Partner Programme are their unique selling points and an important part of their philosophy.


Domestic solutions

The Fronius Galvo is a communicative string inverter with power categories ranging from 1.5 to 3.1 kW. Perfect for households, this SnapINverter is especially suitable for self-consumption systems with its integrated management relay.

The Fronius Primo is a single-phase, transformerless string inverter with dual MPP trackers available in power categories from 3.0 – 8.2 kW. Its innovative SuperFlex design provides maximum flexibility in system design, and as with all SnapINverters, it comes with integrated wireless as standard.


Commercial Solutions

Fronius offers the Fronius Symo string inverter for systems of every size boasting power categories from 3 up to 20 kW and for large-scale installations, the Fronius Eco 25 and 27 kW can be installed quickly and easily either in- or outdoors with its IP 66 protection.

Fronius central inverter options come with a revolutionary transport system and can be completely installed and maintained by the installer. The Fronius Agilo is available in both 75 and 100 kW versions.



With the long-term goal of achieving energy self-sufficiency for the planet, Fronius has spent many years researching and developing efficient ways of storing solar power, bringing them closer to realizing their long-term vision of “24 hours of sun”.

Fronius’ 3-phase short-term energy storage solution, the Fronius Energy Package, includes a hybrid inverter, a high performance solar battery with choice of capacity and a smart meter. The hybrid inverter can be purchased separately with the battery retrofitted at any time.

Fronius Hybrid inverters are also compatible with the Tesla Powerwall storage battery, creating an alternative total home storage solution.


All registered Fronius String inverters come with a FREE 7 year warranty in 2016.