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Overhead anchor system

10 February 2016

Capital Safety has launched the FlexiGuard SafRig, offering users a flexible overhead anchor system which is claimed to be unique in the industry. 

The new SafRig for the first time eliminates the need for expensive, fixed overhead anchor systems and counterweights. It can be used to attach a self-retracting lifeline providing workers with stability and safety while completing a variety of tasks at height. The systems incorporate a 360° rotating jib with the capacity to provide fall protection for a single user weighing up to 140kg.

The system is available in two designs, with an outrigger base or with a counterweight base. Suitable for the transportation sector, the SafRig with an outrigger base allows trucks to park side-by-side when in use. This drive-over design allows for close positioning of the offset arm to vehicles, as it does not require the weight of the vehicle as the anchor force for complete flexibility. This system can be moved around the vehicle while in use, compared with a fixed anchor system. 

The SafRig system with a counterweight base is suitable for use in industrial environments, including confined spaces, and features a small frame which can easily be moved around the job site. 

Fully CE compliant, the SafRig systems provides a portable solution for both indoor and outdoor maintenance, ensuring worker safety.