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Multi-use Putty Patch

22 September 2015

Watco, a leading manufacturer of industrial strength flooring products, announces the launch of Putty Patch, a mouldable material designed for quick repairs to concrete.

Watco Putty Patch has a unique putty-like consistency and is suitable for both inside and outside use. It can be easily formed into any shape, by hand or trowel, to match the profile of the item being repaired. This makes it suitable for more challenging repairs to curved step nosings, kerbs, balustrades and other moulded stonework and concrete.

As Watco Putty Patch is very strong and hardens quickly with an initial set time of around 10 minutes, it is suitable for rapid or emergency repairs to damaged vertical or horizontal surfaces. There is minimum waste, and maximum cost saving, as there is only the need to mix as much as is needed for individual repairs.

    •    Sets at low temperatures (down to 5°C)
    •    Can be applied at any depth between 5-100mm
    •    Repairs can be smoothed off and feather edged
    •    Fibre reinforced for improved mechanical strength
    •    Coverage: As a guide, each 10kg unit will produce approximately 5 litres of repair material.
    •    An initial set of approximately 10 minutes at 20°C and needs to be applied within this time. The product sets hard after 60 minutes at 20°C and strength will increase over the next few days.