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One coat protection

26 June 2015

Industrial strength flooring products specialist Watco has developed the Powerfloat Sealer - a product specially designed to be painted directly onto power-float concrete floors, without requiring prior shot-blasting.

Power-float floors are the smooth and hard surface created by using a power-float machine, with its series of rotating blades, for smoothing and polishing a partially set concrete floor. The end result needs protecting from stains, dust and wear, however the hardness of the surface will usually result in any coating failing to penetrate and eventually peeling off. Consequently, most paint manufacturers insist that customers shot-blast their floor requiring additional preparation time and resulting in a textured surface often marked by ‘tramlines’.

Watco has developed the Powerfloat Sealer formulation, a product that can be applied directly to a power-float floor without grinding, etching or shot-blasting - the only requirement being to ensure the surface is clean and dry. It is a two-part epoxy resin product specially formulated to include a degree of flexibility ‘built-in’. Special additives allow Powerfloat to bond with the smooth concrete surface, allowing the sealer to be applied directly to the floor by roller while the inherent flexibility ensures the coating will not lift, chip or crack.

One coat is normally all that’s required to produce a tough, washable surface that preserves and enhances the naturally attractive look of polished concrete. And by remaining smooth, the floor becomes easy to clean and virtually maintenance free.

Commenting on the new Powerfloat Sealer, Watco Product Director Steve Chanter said: "Powerfloat Sealer is Watco’s response to the many, many requests from customers who felt that shot blasting or texturing spoiled their floors. I’m delighted that we have been able to create a unique solution that enhances polished concrete and leads to a finish that is durable, easier to apply and simply stunning to look at."